Just Around The Pointe - 2020

To be the first person to circumnavigate the 5 Great Lakes in less than one year- and in the process Inspire All Individuals who struggle everyday with a chronic health condition or disability to never give up.  

A Stellar Tour de Force
A Kayaking Documentary of a World Record Attempt
The Route

On April the 1st, 2017, Traci Lynn Martin and Joe Zellner will begin their documentary to circumnavigate all 5 of the Great Lakes, within one calendar year. During this 245 day documentary, they will be photographing images and places from the perspective of the sea kayaker, as well as engaging with the local individuals whom battle the harsh conditions of the north and call the Great Lakes / St Lawrence region "home".
This adventure will begin on the southern end of Lake Huron, at the Light House Park, Port Huron, MI.
From the Light House Park, Martin & Zellner will begin paddling north along the west side of the shoreline.
They will continue to follow the shoreline, until they reach the Straits of Mackinac and on into Lake Michigan.
Lake Michigan has 1,640 miles of shoreline, and while not all of it will be paddled, roughly 1,000 miles of it will be attempted.
From Lake Michigan, we will travel back across to Lake Huron and up Saint Mary's River and into Lake Superior.
Lake Superior has 2,730 miles of shoreline, roughly 2,000 miles of it will be attempted.
From Lake Superior, Martin & Zellner will return to Lake Huron and complete the remaining portions of that lake.
Lake Huron, when you include the numerous islands, actually has the longest miles of shoreline of any of the five Great Lakes, boasting an amazing 3,830 miles of shoreline.
If they are on schedule, Traci Martin and Joe Zellner will attempt 2,100 miles of its massive shoreline. However, if they find themselves on the east side of Huron, paddling south towards Lake Erie, and are behind schedule, then it will be up to the discretion of the paddlers to limit the miles of shoreline paddled on Huron, in order to get themselves back onto their demanding schedule, and accomplish their primary goal of paddling all 5 of the Great Lakes in one year.

Once the team returns to the southern side of Lake Huron, they will stop once again at Light House Park, touching the beach and officially completeing the 3 most massisive fresh water lakes in the America's.
From here the paddlers will procede down the 40 miles of the St Clair River, across the 26 miles of the St Clair Lake, down the 28 miles of the Detroit River, and into Lake Erie.
Lake Erie has 871 miles of shoreline, of which 600 miles of it will be attempted.
From Lake Erie, Martin and Zellner will portage around the Niagara River and into Lake Ontario.
Lake Ontario is the smallest of the 5 Great Lakes with only 712 miles of shoreline, of which, 500 miles of shoreline will be attempted.
From Lake Ontario, they will proceed into the St Lawrence River and paddle its entire length, all the way to the Saint Lawrence Bay. From there, they will paddle along the coastline of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and along the coastline of the upper East Coast, until they reach New York City and the Hudson River. They will paddle up the Hudson River, until they reach the Erie Canal System, which will return them back to Lake Ontario.
8600 miles and 10 months from beginning this adventure, the final leg of this expedition will be completed when the team returns to Lake Erie and paddles into the Lake Erie Metro Park, which is south of Detroit.